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Sluice Angle Indicator

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Anticipating using a sluice box?

Just got one and, you spend a lot of time adjusting and checking?

Already using one and still unsure if it is set up correctly?

Are you new to gold prospecting and, looking for an answer to : How to set the angle on a sluice box?

Are you a seasoned prospector who from time to time says there must be an easier way to get the angle adjusted on this sluice box?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then, I may be able to help.

I have built a tool that ;

Allows for faster set up.

With a simple look from above you will know that your sluice box angle is correct.

Answers the question of how to set the proper angle on a sluice.

Gives the seasoned prospector another tool to add to his arsenal if, he wants to use it. Or something to be skeptical of, and talk about if, he doesn’t.

Sluice Angle Indicator

I'm sure there are some questions a person would be asking. Here are a couple that I would ask.

Q. If that thing Indicates the Angle on a Sluice Box, why do I not see any degree markings?

A. Numbered degree markings are not needed. According to the information used in the design,optimum angle and slope are used in broad terms." Optimum Angle usually being between ten and fifteen degrees and minimum slope down to two percent". The colors are set up accordingly. Also I believe that if someone is handed a tool of this sort with numbered degree lines and,asked to set the angle on a Sluice box between 10&15 degrees that person would in all likelihood spend a lot of time trying to set up to exactly 12 1/2 degrees

which does not appear to be neccesary,the objective being anywhere in that range between 10&15 degrees.

Q That indicator arm appears to be a copper wire,is that what it is? if so why?

A. Yes. Keeping in mind that I designed the Sluice Angle Indicator for my personal use and, that I have a small amount of clumsiness (i drop things from time to time), I used the copper wire because it is flexible,if dropped and bent, it can be reshaped easily enough. Whereas had I used something non-flexible and tried to reshape it,I would probably wind up breaking it.

Q. It appears this tool will have an effect on the depth of water that passes through my Sluice box if I use it. Is this the case?

A. Yes. Obviously if the Angle Indicator is submerged in flowing water,the water will move the indicator arm.

It must be kept above the water. My sluice box has a depth of about four inches, the depth of the tool is about two inches, allowing the depth of water passing through to be about half the depth of the sluice box.

Q. How much more gold can I capture if I use the sluice angle indicator?

A. For all intents and purposes, the sluice angle indicator's use is to assist the amateur / recreational gold prospector in setting the angle on his / her sluice box. No claim is made as to how much more or less may be captured by the use of this tool.

Gold capturing features are built into the sluice box by the manufacturer.



Just slip it onto the wall of your sluice box, work it down until the top of the sluice angle indicator is even with the top of the sluice box wall. use fingertips to check. Set to desired range;

Purple -- For the really small stuff

Blue -- If you don't concern yourself with the really small stuff, use for fines to flakes

Green -- Course gold to nuggets

Red -- Don't go there

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Clip it onto the wall of your sluice box.
Work it down until the top of the sluice angle indicator is even with
top of the sluice box wall.
Use fingertips to check.

Put it in the creek, set up to desired color range.
Price - $15.00 U.S.